About us

We were leading a happy life in the Netherlands.

Micky was manager in the childcare business and Roger was a company owner: he was running a company in refurbishing antique and designer furniture. Our daughters Coco and Roxy were 6 and 4 years old when we left the Netherlands in 2007. 

We love renovating and decorating. We are always looking for that one detail, that one chair, the perfect color that makes a room beautiful. Micky likes to cook, Roger likes to do odd jobs in and around the house, we both love people and hospitality.
Add to that the fact that we are always up for new adventures, enjoy traveling, love learning about other cultures and enjoy the sun and heat immensely. Actually ... it makes sense ... our move to France.

Loft Powered by Lieu

But ... it was never our intention to emigrate. It actually was a coincidence: we saw a beautiful picture of a building in the South of France. The week after we went to check it out. Unfortunately, in reality the beautiful building was not that special. We were really disappointed and realized that a seed was planted. We wanted to continue with the hunt for a house in France, a dream was born.
We were aware of what we enjoyed on vacation; being surrounded with nice people but no mass tourism. A beautiful destination with individuality and character. A luxurious room or apartment with a beautiful bathroom and a good shower, good food, a glass of wine and friends for the kids. Luxury but not over the top. In any case, enough space to be with others or to read or daydream in solitude. This is what we wanted for our future guests as well!
Next to this, we were looking for sun, lots of sun: Mediterranean sun, no more gray skies! And as for as the location was concerned: the house should be located in a charming village, not isolated and nearby a city with all it’s benefits.

Loft Powered by Lieu

We started the quest for a large stately property to be renovated and decorated to our own taste. Situated in a cute village and close to the sea. We started looking for a perfect spot for our family of four and our guests. Our search lasted almost 2 years but we found our dream venue: Domaine des Agnelles.

The Domaine has 1000 m2 of living space inside the house; more than enough to accommodate a family home and several guest rooms and apartments. It now has an eclectic design, a mix of old and new, design and antique, almost always exuberant and sometimes a bit crazy. Without losing sight of the comfort for guests, we have shaped Domaine des Agnelles little by little. In 2018 we even delivered our last "gem". The adjacent wine cave is now called Loft - Powered by Lieu-. We have converted the cave into an XL holiday home for 12 persons. It is a private holiday home, separated from the Domaine. 

Loft Powered by Lieu

Living our dream

During dinner last summer a lovely small girl came over to us and exclaimed: “you are living on holiday”!

And that’s it! We are living our dream!

We hope to welcome you, bienvenue!

Loft Powered by Lieu

LOFT -Powered by LIEU-
7 route de Raissac
11200 Villedaigne


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